The Cost of Dental Implants — An Investment to Last a Lifetime

If you are one of the many people considering dental implant surgery to replace missing teeth, you may be wondering, “Are dental implants affordable?” When you consider quality of life, and the comparative costs of replacing bridgework, the answer may be a resounding “yes.”

Dental implants really are the next best thing to your natural teeth. They look, feel and function just like real teeth. That means no more struggling through each bite of food, and no more suffering through a soft diet. Dental implant surgery can restore your ability to enjoy any meal you want. Dental implants can also put an end to the embarrassment and discomfort of dentures.

While bridgework may seem like a less expensive alternative for replacing missing teeth, on average it lasts just 10 years, and over time can actually cost much more than dental implants. When placed by a periodontist and properly cared for, dental implants can last a lifetime. Together, my partner Dr. McDill and I have over 16 years of experience in implant dentistry, restoring the beautiful and functional smiles of people just like you. The many patients we’ve treated tell us how their lives have improved after receiving dental implants. If the cost of dental implant surgery is preventing you from seeking treatment, discuss a payment plan with your dentist. We’re happy to offer this service for our family of patients! At Alpine Dental Health, our most important job is investing the time to make sure our patients have everything they need to feel comfortable and confident. If you have a question about dental implant surgery, or are interested in a free consultation to learn more about dental implants, we’d love to hear from you!

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