Carol C.

My initial visit to Dr. Rosenzwieg was unexpected. I received a complete evaluation of dental problems and was given advice and shown procedures on how to address them. My over-all health history was also taken into account as it affected my dental health. My expectation was that I would come in for a 6 month cleaning with a hygienist and that a dentist would take a quick look at obvious dental issues that needed to be fixed. Dr. Rosenzweig pointed out that night time grinding was causing serious problems with bone loss and had the photos to prove it. I’m following his advice to keep this problem from worsening. He takes his patient’s health seriously and will take the time to make sure you understand how to avoid future problems. The office has state of the art diagnostic technology and the staff is caring, professional and very friendly. I only wish that I had gone to Alpine Dental Health sooner.

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