Patient Reviews

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Always professional staff. Friendly. Great customer service. Felt safe during my visit during the uncertain times.


I had a wonderful visit to Alpine Dental Clinic! Bailey was my hygienist, and in addition to being very personable and friendly, she did a superb job. Dr. Cowden was likewise incredibly friendly and gave me many good recommendations to better my dental health. Finally, the front desk staff was responsive, efficient, and welcoming. All in all, it was an easy and enjoyable visit. Thank you Alpine!

John Gregory

I really can’t express how much I appreciate the crew at Alpine Dental. Not only were they friendly, efficient, and competent, they also went out of their way to work with me in a difficult situation. I had a tight timeline for some work that needed to be done and they were quick to create a treatment plan and rearranged their schedule so they could fit me in. The crew here made going to the dentist enjoyable and I would highly recommend them!

Savannah Mallory

I’ve been coming here for five years. I love the dentist and his staff. Jenn has been taking care of me since day one and I appreciate her tips and insight. They make you very comfortable and answer all of your questions to completion. They have drastically improved my oral health in the time I’ve been a patient. Thank you!

Kailey Wilson

Everything was done punctually and professionally. The staff are very friendly and easy to talk to. Everything is explained very clearly beforehand and it feels like they actually care about you here.


Everyone was extremely pleasant and welcoming. The hygienists and dentists were gentle, thoughtful, explanatory and friendly throughout my appointment. Their offices are extremely clean and nice to be in. Also, they provided great clarity around costs and billing for everything, discussing it and making you aware of costs before doing anything. Wonderful!

Renee Geary

I’ve been met with both knowledge and friendliness at Alpine Dental. I knew I was in good hands from the beginning. From the dental hygienist who explained to me what she was doing and why, to the kind receptionist who walked me through my insurance coverage. It’s so important to be well taken care of when it comes to your health and Alpine Dental certainly puts that at the forefront.

Taylor Fahnlander

I just have to brag on how much I love Dr. Roth! She is so compassionate and caring as well as skilled at her trade. Today I also had a wonderful experience with Robyn who cleaned my teeth and took X-rays as well as Mandy who took the impressions for my night guard. I’ve been in a lot of pain due to grinding my teeth as I am under a lot of stress and my bruxism has worsened causing a lot of facial and jaw pain. Both Robyn and Mandy were so accommodating and aware of how they could make me most comfortable. Mandy was especially helpful when she realized from my body language that I was anxious about the impressions and though she didn’t know that I was experiencing some PTSD, she was so calming and helped me to move through it in the quickest and most efficient way, including helping me to breathe through the uncomfortably. These 3 professionals were amazing to work with today and have wonderful caring hearts and attitudes during this trying time of pandemic. I highly recommend Alpine Dental and Dr. Roth!

Kaitlin Elmore

I had a bad experience at another dentist and came to Alpine Dental Health West on a referral. What a wonderful experience! The staff is so welcoming and pleasant. Dr. Cowden was kind and professional. He had no recommendations that weren’t necessary. Jen was my hygienist and was efficient and made sure I was comfortable. I’m very happy with this office!

Polly Hoover

I used to have to be gassed just to get a cleaning I was so scared of dentists…. Not only do they make you feel like family, but everything is gentle and precise. Long lasting work with smiling faces. Nothing to fear! Also, no teeth shaming! There’s nothing worse than being chastised by someone you are making yourself vulnerable to. They advise kindly and get down to business! Love them to death and the super personal care. Leave your fears behind and don’t put of your dental care anymore!

Ray Stone-Smith

I had six fillings done in a two hour appointment. Seriously, it was the least stressful appointment of my day! Shannon, Dr. Seth and the front of the house crew were great! Hands down, the best dental experience I’ve had.

Douglas Anderson

Dr. Cowden and his staff are excellent! Happiest and most comfortable dentist experience I’ve ever had. Dr. Cowden is very knowledgeable, gentle, and by far the most patient centered dentist around. Entire place is clean and staff are kind. Won’t ever hesitate to recommend this dentist and his team. A+

Joe Daly

Alpine Dental Health has been providing dental services to my family for nearly 10 years, and I have always been pleased with their work. Dr. McDill is easily the best Dentist I have ever had, his reassuring manner and calm technique have made dental visits much more palatable. The support staff is equally awesome, and the offices are clean, bright, and well-thought-out. Having said that, I need to give a shout-out to the young lady who fitted a permanent crown for me today: ERICA brings an enthusiasm and efficient professionalism which is hard to describe unless you have experienced it. She works fast (without feeling rushed), is careful and considerate of patient comfort, and displays such sheer competence that I needed to write this review. If there is a Dental Technician Hall of Fame, she needs to be in it. Thank you, ERICA.

William Whitley

I am currently being treated for TMJ and it is my first time at Alpine Dental. I was seen by Erica, who made the experience much more comfortable and relaxing than the typical dental visit. She was very friendly and considerate and she helped calm my anxiety. I’ve noticed that the staff does a great job of being nonjudgmental when it comes to dental/medical issues and they really know how to make you feel welcome! If I could rate higher than 5 stars I would

Madeline Rose

This dental practice is top notch with “raving fans” service. The staff is so welcoming and personable – amazing! I was provided a thorough breakdown of the cost of the procedures necessary and received a follow up call the same day to see how I was feeling, in my book, that speaks volumes! I have seen both Dr. “Zweig” and Dr. McDill and both did an excellent job! I am grateful to my neighbors for referring their practice to me – I firmly believe my family and I will be in great hands with all of our future dental needs!!!!!!!! Much Aloha to you and your entire staff!

Kimberly Beirne

This is the first pleasant dental experience I’ve had! They thoroughly cleaned my teeth and fixed some fillings that broke. I would highly recommend them!

Marianne LaCount

I’ve been to numerous dentists but none as kind and honest as this one. Everyone here is extremely kind and welcoming. If you’re looking for the best of the best you cant go wrong here.


Knowledgeable staff and gentle and thorough hygienists. If you are going to the dentist this is the place to go!


Always a great experience! The whole staff is excellent.


Friendly atmosphere! Wonderful staff! Highly recommend!


This is such a friendly, professional, supportive office. From the doctors to the hygienists to the office assistants, you will feel valued and respected as a patient. I would highly recommend this office if you are looking for a dental practice.


Great dentist!  The staff is very professional and friendly.  Would highly recommend if your looking for a new dentist


I had some known issues and a lot of anxiety before my visit. The entire staff was very understanding my anxiety level. I was happy The Dentist and Hygienist treated me with so much respect and kindness. I will go back there and would recommend it to anybody.

Austin & Natalia

This is such a friendly, professional, supportive office. From the doctors to the hygienists to the office assistants, you will feel valued and respected as a patient. I would highly recommend this office if you are looking for a dental practice.


I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to North Peak Dental. I was definitely impressed with Ronda and her expertise as my Dental Hygienist.

Steven Higgins

I couldn’t be more pleased with my new dentist! I’ve had routine and cosmetic work done and it’s always timely, painless, and expertly done. The technology and equipment is current and the staff is competent and courteous. I highly recommend North Peak Dental.

Susan Bledsoe

I have recommended this dentistry to anyone that asks! They have a wonderful, welcoming, and warm staff that are a pleasure to work with. I am fortunate to work with Jennifer and Dr. R when I visit. Jennifer is very knowledgeable, caring, and has fantastic “bedside” manner. She is careful and listens to your requests closely. She truly cares about the person she is dealing with. Dr. R is very similar, and is someone who also cares for his patients. They give specific recommendations for home care, and are not in anyway judging, shaming, or scolding. I feel very comfortable in their care. Not only do they have a great staff, but my mouth health has steadily improved each time since my first visit. Alpine Dental absolutely deserves your patronage!

Helmi Barzak

My experience was great! I enjoyed the staff. I was in and out in about the time they said and I was treated very well. Highly recommend this dentist.


I was amazed at how kind and enthusiastic Dr. Rosenzweig and his assistant were. They took great care of my four year old daughter, and seemed legitimately interested in how she was doing outside of just the normal dental questions. They were great at helping me calm any fears she had, and were very patient. I am so glad she has such great people helping care for her teeth.

Alexi Ammerman

What a great group of people. Everyone I have worked with at Alpine is very personable. I am a new patient and had one of the most pleasant experiences I have ever had at a dentist. Throughout the entire procedure, my comfort was the highest priority. Dr. Rosenzweig is fantastic and I feel much more at ease when I need to have work done on my teeth.

Andrew Gregory

I honestly can’t say enough good things about this office! Cunningham takes her time and is very thorough! I have really bad anxiety at the dentist from past experiences and it is really hard for me to get numb and she always makes sure it takes effect and I am okay every step of the way. Just overall a great caring person. Also when she opened up a filling that just needed to be replaced it was much deeper than expected and what X-rays showed so to fix it properly she worked through her lunch break. She has done three fillings and two crowns for me.

April R.

I have been a patient at this office for 30 years and have been through the many changes any practice goes through. One thing that has stayed constant is the front desk gal, Judy. She is outstanding! This office has always gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable with my procedures and billing. I would highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a new dentist.

Benjamin W.

This office is fantastic! The doctor, Dr. Kerrie Cunningham, is extremely thorough, very personable and strives to make sure every procedure is handled correctly. I came to them with a ton of work that needed to be done and many doubts. They have far exceeded my expectations and gave me the confidence to smile again. Not only did they make sure I was taken care of, but they explained every procedure and why it needed to be done. The staff is one of the best around and everyone is so friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this office and give it a 11 out of 10! Great job ladies! You are greatly appreciated!

C Mitts

I’ve had just one appointment, but so far I highly recommend the team at Alpine Dental Health. They were able to get me in for an appointment quickly, were very friendly, didn’t go crazy with upselling services like I’ve experienced at some other dentists, were willing to postpone xrays due to my own personal needs, and were gentle on my teeth. I am almost excited to go back for another appointment!

Casey D.

I have been going to Alpine Dental Health for 5+ years. I believe the care they offer is exceptional. I have needed multiple referrals regarding TMJ, and Dr. Rosenzweig is well connected and able to recommend other professionals. He is also responsive to calls with specific questions and concerns. I appreciate always having the same hygienist and that my hygienist and dentist often remember things we have talked about since my last visit. My hygienist has also spent time teaching me good flossing technique which has been very helpful. I definitely recommend this office to others.

Cassie Helms

Dr. Mesa Roth fixed my smile! I had a lot of decay and staining going on in my smile line, and I asked Dr. Roth what to do. She completely rebuilt those teeth and the result was a dramatic change that left me feeling more confident about myself. I cannot believe how beautiful my teeth are… and I cannot recommend this talented dentist enough.
Dr. Roth is not only knowledgeable, but she is kind and listens to me. I am always asking questions and asking for alternatives, and she does her absolute best to accommodate me. She remembers who I am, what I do, etc, and I feel that we can have a conversation that leaves me feeling better after I leave the dentist’s office than before I came. I feel valued and respected as a patient- something I’ve not always experienced with other practices.
If you’re looking for a dentist you can trust, talk to, ask questions of, and feel good about seeing, Dr. Roth is the one!
Note: I’ve been going to Alpine Dental for about 4 years.

Chelle Costello

They are the friendliest people and really do exceptional work. They even offered to work through their lunch break to fix my tooth chip because I was leaving for a trip! Totally unexpected but very much appreciated. Highly recommend.

Cory R.

I appreciate how thorough Alpine Dental is with their exams and cleaning. Dr. Cunningham communicates clearly what she is doing and why which I also really appreciate. And I like not having services pushed on me such as whitening which has been my experience with dentists these days. So glad I found Alpine Dental – highly recommend!

Daryle D.

I was visiting Fort Collins and had a terrible pain in my molar. Turns out, I needed a root canal. The dentist saw me on his lunch break, since I was in so much pain and they had no available appointments. Everybody I dealt with here was so kind, friendly, and professional. I’d highly recommend Alpine Dental to anyone in the area. Thanks so much!


These ladies are amazing! Dr Cunningham has an awesome personality and knows her business on dental care. My hygienist, Shelbie gave me the best cleaning ive ever had and The women at the front had all of my paperwork ready to go before I even got to my visit! Way to rock it, Alpine!

Jamie S.

Dr. Cunningham is the fantastic combo you are looking for in a dentist – both highly skilled and highly personable. I’ve had a full range of dental work done at Alpine Dental Health West, from the simple (cleanings and fillings) to the complex (bridge), and recommend Dr. Cunningham and her staff (shout out to Karen!) for all of it. Highly recommended!

Jena F.

I LOVE Dr. Cunningham! She is so kind and never freaks me out. I hated going to the dentist until I met her. Shelby and Shannon have been so gentle and sweet every time I go!

Jennifer C.

Been going here for years. Awesome, friendly staff AND they have a mini fridge with drinks in it, That’s top notch!

Literally Anthing

Dr. Cunningham and the entire staff at Alpine Dental are amazing. They make going to the dentist fun. I’m so appreciative of the care I received and highly recommend them. Two thumbs up – WAY UP!

Mandy D.

I had a bad crown that had fallen off 3 times from another dentist. Dr. Roth, had to reshape my tooth (not much tooth work with), she re-made my crown and it is BEAUTIFUL! There is no pain, and it has worked great! I HIGHLY recommend Alpine Dental and Dr. Roth for excellent dental work with high quality and integrity for the entire business.

Steve Glass

I have had several dental emergencies, over many years. Without an appointment, I call in, desperate for help. They always find a way to fit me in, often with several steps required over several days. They always get me up and running in remarkably short windows. This is no small thing, as they are quite busy.

I run a service company and I recognize commitment to service, when I see it, which I feel is very honorable pursuit. Everyone there is dedicated to doing the best by everyone who walks in the door. All this with excellent professionalism and skill, delivered with a genuine smile. Needle and dental phobias? They are expert at making the experience as painless as possible. Communication? They share information, in a clear and concise manner and throughout the visit. Compassion? Always kind and supportive, during what can be a difficult time.

I feel very lucky, to have these folks on my side and receive the great care they always provide. Top shelf operation. Thanks to all of you

Steve Ramras

I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Todd Rosenzweig and his staff at Alpine Dental Health in Fort Collins. It was not easy to find a new provider when my dentist of twenty-plus years retired. Dr. Rosenzweig and his staff made my transition worry-free. From setting up my initial appointment to intake paperwork to insurance questions, his friendly and competent staff makes the process smooth and easy. Most importantly, the dental care I receive has been truly outstanding. I am impressed with Dr. Rosenzweig’s conservative approach to preserving my natural teeth and ensuring my overall dental health. From the moment he enters the treatment room, he puts me at ease and makes it easy to relax. He explains every option fully and ensures I understand and agree with the plan for my treatment. His friendly and efficient hygienists and assistants share his passion for patient comfort. He is extremely skilled in administering the numbing injections I require, and when I leave my appointment, I feel like I have had a relaxing morning at the spa rather than in the dentist chair! Dr. Rosenzweig takes care to do the work correctly the first time, such as ensuring a filling is properly shaped, an implant post is properly seated by taking interim x-rays, and even that the color for a rear tooth implant crown is as close a match as possible. Even though I drive nearly an hour to Dr. Rosenzweig’s office, the competent, professional care is well worth it.

Ursula Schultz

This is an all-around great practice. I’ve been a patient here a few years. The cleanings are excellent. The staff is extremely friendly and I love going home with a bag of goodies. I appreciate that the gas was an option for my filling as I was feeling very afraid. I’m very pleased with the kind and professional service!

Wild Child

I was dreading getting a crown, but Dr. Roth and Stephanie listened to my concerns up front and made sure that I was completely comfortable and taken care of…even if it meant they had to adjust their routine and use different tools to keep me comfortable. They were unbelievably kind, gentle, efficient in their work and professional. I was so happy with how easy and painless my visit was that I couldn’t stop telling people about my experience. I am always impressed with the professionalism that is shown by the staff at Alpine Dental. They review and prepare for every patient which is evident when discussing my history or concerns. Robin cleans my teeth and she is so wonderful! I actually look forward to my cleanings! If you need your teeth cleaned or work done, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Roth, Stephanie and Robin.

Rachel Bondy

Dr. Mesa Roth was most professional, thorough, and careful. She explained everything fully, answered all questions, and is easy to talk to. It was very painless. I would highly recommend Dr. Roth and she is an asset to Alpine Dental Health. A 5 star+ rating is most deserved.

Thomas Watrous

This place is amazing!!! Everyone is always so happy and friendly!! I absolutely love that before I even came in for my first visit they asked for my insurance beforehand and even called me after talking with Delta to let me know how much benefits I had left for the year after I had a root canal. I have been to many dental offices and this by far goes above and beyond even before I was a patient. I will forever recommend Alpine and Dr. Roth for the professionalism and comforting energy.

Madox Steele

Dr. Roth has been the best dentist I have yet to be treated by. My visit with her showed her extensive knowledge, compassion for her patients and friendly attitude. I am very pleased with the service she provided me and I highly recommend her to everyone!

Rachel Leavitt

I had not gone to the dentist in over 25 years and I was completely terrified to go. When I made my appointment Dr Roth was non-judgmental and understanding. She set up dental plan for me to follow. A couple of cleanings and a few fillings later I am all squared away. The cleanings went well and the hygienists cared about how I felt. The fillings were a piece of cake as well. Dr Roth made sure I was numb and comfortable, she was skilled and most importantly (in my book) she was efficient and fast! She also took to time to make follow up calls to make sure everything was OK. I can say for sure I will not wait that long to get back to the dentist because Dr Roth, and the entire Alpine team made it a great experience.

Nick Jovene

All of the staff at Alpine are very friendly & accommodating. I enjoy my dentist appointments because of them. :-)

Barbara L.

I truly cannot recommend Alpine Dental Health enough! I never have to wait and the staff are all super friendly, informative and professional!

Hannah D.

I have been seeing Dr. Cunningham for several years now! She and her staff are always helpful, positive, professional, efficient, and I trust them completely with my dental care. I have dental insurance (luckily), but I noticed while I was there that Alpine Dental Health also accepts Care Credit, which is a great option for anyone who doesn’t have dental insurance!

Chloe M.

The staff is wonderful! Dentist and techs are very friendly & knowledgeable. They have my full confidence in their judgment & ability.

Jonah T.

Very Friendly and answers all your questions. Felt 100% comfortable with the care I have received!

Katelyn P.

I was beyond impressed with the professionalism and knowledgeable staff. They were timely and explained everything to my understanding.

Lisa D.

Dr. Cunningham and her staff are without question the finest providers of dental health care in Fort Collins!

Michael B.

I just love Dr. Cunningham and Shelby. You can tell they care so much about your teeth and provide the best options for your healthy. They both really took the time to really help my husband and I out with our teeth.

Briana M.

My initial visit to Dr. Rosenzwieg was unexpected. I received a complete evaluation of dental problems and was given advice and shown procedures on how to address them. My over-all health history was also taken into account as it affected my dental health. My expectation was that I would come in for a 6 month cleaning with a hygienist and that a dentist would take a quick look at obvious dental issues that needed to be fixed. Dr. Rosenzweig pointed out that night time grinding was causing serious problems with bone loss and had the photos to prove it. I’m following his advice to keep this problem from worsening. He takes his patient’s health seriously and will take the time to make sure you understand how to avoid future problems. The office has state of the art diagnostic technology and the staff is caring, professional and very friendly. I only wish that I had gone to Alpine Dental Health sooner.

Carol C.

Jennifer, who is my dental hygienist, makes my mouth feel sooooo great.

Carolyn B.

I had an accident 30 years ago, and now Dr. Rosenzweig has put my mouth back together. Everything has been wonderful, and I’m really happy. He’s a great doctor, knowledgeable and personable. I have good rapport with him.

David R.

The professional, excellent care that I received at my cleaning appointment and check up is truly the best in Boulder County.

Linda M.

Great experience, hygienist who met with me was great.

Michaelangelo B.

I had a very pleasant experience. They were able to see me right away as a walk in . Lovely setting with views of the Flat Irons , I felt very relaxed and confident in their professional skill . I will recommend Alpine Dental Health for sure.

Shano K.

I’m very pleased with Dr Mesa Roth! I’ve had to have a lot of dental work and it’s very frustrating to me but Alpine Dental has been wonderful to both myself and my husband.

Theresa B.

Alpine Dental Health has the most pleasant staff I’ve ever encountered. They make even the tough stuff tolerable because they are so nice. I’ve needed an extensive amount of work, so I’ve gotten to know everybody, and they are all awesome. The assistants are so pleasant; they make you feel really at ease, and are very competent at what they do. When they come out and greet you, they are genuinely glad you are there, and they treat you so respectfully and so pleasantly.

Nancy Y.

I have a very big phobia with dentists, but Dr. McDill took that away before he even started working on my mouth. To me, that’s more important than what the actual procedure is – that you are able to trust the person. He made me feel at ease and took the ambiguity out of everything. He earned my trust by explaining what he was going to do. That was the precise reason that my brother actually came from Washington, D.C., to have his dental implants restored by Dr. McDill as well. Everyone at Alpine Dental Health treated him as part of the family. He was impressed and very happy with Dr. McDill, and very happy with the new teeth he got.

Elizabeth Y.

“Dr. Rosenzweig made a complicated and difficult dental process a real success for me… and that comes from a person who would rather go through childbirth than go to the dentist! Besides having advanced training and experience, Dr. Rosenzweig is able to put a patient at ease, to clearly explain the procedure, and to treat a patient as a real person. I have received excellent are at Alpine Dental Health. In fact, after working with me for quite a while during one appointment, Dr. Rosenzweig’s dental assistant walked down to the corner and bought me a vanilla milkshake!”

Gerry Lake

“I would go out of my way to recommend Dr. Rosenzweig and Alpine Dental Health to anyone looking for a dentist. Dr. Rosenzweig is a very warm and comforting guy who takes the time to explain everything to you while treating you like a person and not just another number. I was especially impressed with the way the surgery for my tissue biopsy was handled. Everything about the procedure was clearly explained to me and all my questions were answered. I really appreciated that Dr. Rosenzweig called me personally later that evening to see how I was coming along and then again later that week to explain my biopsy results. My experience with Alpine Dental Health has been great! The whole team is very warm and friendly while professional at the same time.”

James Oldenburg

“Dr. Rosenzweig took wonderful care of my dental implants, but more importantly, he took wonderful care of me. I was well prepared for my surgery and was impressed with the follow-up care I received. For example, Dr. Rosenzweig made sure I had his cell phone number after my surgery. Dr. Rosenzweig is both my general dentist and periodontist, so he could also establish a comprehensive care plan for me that is inclusive of my periodontal issues. It’s more holistic dental health, and I appreciate that I don’t have to run from one office to another. That’s been very valuable to me. I have confidence in everyone here. They are good listeners, and I never hesitate to bring up any questions I have. I’ve also seen Dr. McDill, and he has the same very caring approach. Alpine Dental Health is by far the best dental practice I’ve ever been to.”

Jill Kreutze

“When Dr. Rosenzweig comes in to see me, it’s not just business; he really cares about me and my family. He’s very personable, and in the office there is a concerted effort to make you feel at ease. The doctors are very experienced, and Dr. Rosenzweig and his staff are very thorough when explaining procedures, so I know exactly what to expect. After more involved dental appointments, he calls me at home to make sure I’m doing all right. I also like that he and Dr. McDill have specific specialties, so we don’t have to be referred to other offices. I’ve recommended Dr. Rosenzweig to four of our friends, including a co-worker at CSU. I’d give Alpine Dental Health a ten out of ten!”

Kelley Wittmeyer

“Because I was in the military for 20 years, I had a lot of quick fixes done to my teeth. When I came to see Dr. McDill, he did a comprehensive dental plan for me. The standard of care from him is just amazing. In his office, you can tell everyone is putting the patients first. They always greet you by name, and wait time is minimal, if any. The team at Alpine Dental Health is so friendly and welcoming. They are completely focused on you.”

Michael Carr

“Alpine Dental Health is the best all-around dental office I have ever been to. I normally hate going to the dentist, and Dr. McDill is the first dentist that makes me feel comfortable and at ease while in the dentist’s chair. Wonderful staff and an excellent doctor! He takes the time to go over all the steps necessary to complete the dental work. The staff is great. Everyone goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable and find appointment times that work with your schedule.”

Michelle Chaney

I am very happy with the thoroughness of my initial visit to my cleaning and some other minor adjustments. Alpine dental health puts patient care as a priority and it shows. The entire staff was great to deal with and had a sense of pride and commitment to their work. I have used other dentist in Fort Collins and they just don’t compare. I feel confident in recommending anyone to use Alpine Dental Health!

Mitch W.

“The people are the best part of Alpine Dental Health! Dr. McDill is delightful, a very sharp, well-educated individual. I deeply appreciate that Dr. McDill doesn’t tolerate mediocre quality. He tells you what needs to be done, but there’s no hard sell on anything. He just really cares about answering your questions. I’ve noticed it, too, with Terry, who cleans my teeth. I’m absolutely pleased with the results of my Invisalign “Invisible Braces” treatment as well as my crown. I think anyone going to see Dr. McDill would be very pleased.”

Pam A.

I was really impressed! The hygenist was able to get a stain off my teeth that had been there for years. They were all very friendly.

Andrea R.

Dr. McDill is the best dentist I have ever had Robin is the best dental hygienist (I am 73 and have a lot of dentists and hygienists over the years).

Robert H.

“Besides being an expertly accomplished dentist, Dr. Rosenzweig has a chair side manner that is incredibly calming, and he always lends his support to me as a patient. I also appreciate the careful and gentle way Terri cleans and cares for my teeth – I actually look forward to sitting in the chair. It is a pleasure to be treated so respectfully.”

Shauna Murdock