About Us

Taking the time to care for people the right way

Like Colorado itself, Alpine Dental Health is a warm and welcoming place, where people matter most. Our homegrown group of local Colorado dentists revels in this sense of community and the criss-cross of lives. We’re just as likely to see our patients on the trail or in the brewery as we are in our dental offices. We like to get to know people and do things the right way. In an increasingly rushed and impersonal corporate world, we strive to offer people a relaxed experience centered around comfort, compassion, and respect. We truly care about our patients!

Alpine Dental

Our story goes back 40 years

Alpine Dental Health began as a single dental office in Fort Collins more than 40 years ago. In that small community, patients seen one day often became friends the next. In 2005, the retiring owner found just the right dentists to carry forward this legacy. Dr. Michael “Mick” McDill and Dr. Todd Rosenzweig, friends from way back in dental school at the University of Colorado, have been at the helm ever since, growing and enhancing Alpine Dental Health to care for patients in the best possible way.

Our bottom line: treat people well

Dr. McDill’s and Dr. Rosenzweig’s partnership has been strong, and Alpine Dental Health continues to flourish. Why? They share the same bottom line: treat people well. In this spirit, they’ve been pleased to expand the communities served by Alpine Dental Health’s family of private dental offices. Alpine Dental Health now has five locations along Colorado’s Front Range: in Central Boulder, Fort Collins – Taft Rd., Fort Collins – Elizabeth St., Fort Collins – Stuart St., and Windsor.

Our tradition of integrity and compassion fuels our homegrown network of local Colorado dentists

The homegrown network of private offices that Dr. McDill and Dr. Rosenzweig have established along Colorado’s Front Range provides the same attentive, wonderful care patients have come to know and value. With Alpine Dental Health, you’ll find dentists who truly have a heart for what they do, earning the trust and loyalty of their patients along the way.