Whether you’re looking for a trusted dentist in Boulder, Fort Collins, West Fort Collins, East Fort Collins, or Windsor, we have all the expert dental services you need for a healthy, confident smile… and a dental patient experience that’s second to none in Colorado.

Comprehensive Dentistry for All Your Dental Needs

  • Regular Dental Hygiene Visits – Exams and cleanings are essential to good oral health and attractive, confident smiles.
  • General Dentistry – From prevention and patient education to crowns, bridges, and root canal therapy, our team of outstanding dentists will keep you smiling.
  • Alpine Dental Health Dentists: Before and After – See for yourself how quality dentistry can make a difference in your oral health and how your smile looks.
  • Dental Technologies – We are all about providing the utmost dental care and unsurpassed dental experience, and our attentive team uses advanced technologies for efficiency and precision.
  • Dental Implants – Dental implants are the most effective, permanent, and functional solution for replacing one or more missing or damaged teeth.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry – An attractive smile opens doors and boosts confidence. We have it all, from teeth whitening to veneers to Invisalign.
  • Sleep Apnea Treatment – Our Qualified Sleep Dentist, Dr. Mesa Roth, has the expertise to design a custom oral appliance to address your sleep apnea and snoring symptoms and get you feeling better.
  • Bite Adjustment and Joint Therapy – Bite disease can be every bit as bad for your oral health and attractive smile as gum disease and tooth decay. We have solutions.
  • Periodontics – Gum Care – Our experienced dentists offer a variety of treatments for gum disease, a silent epidemic that is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults.
  • Dental Emergencies – Dental emergencies—bleeding, trauma, swelling, intense pain—do happen. We understand, and we do all we can to treat them immediately.

Don’t Have dental insurance? We can help!

In addition to our comprehensive array of dental services treatment, we help make access to quality dentistry easy for individuals and families who do not have dental insurance. We offer you an alternative to insurance that is more affordable than out-of-pocket costs for dentistry services. With preventative care alone, you could save $200 to $400 annually. Read more about Our Smile Plan here to find out what is included.

We’re Here to Help

Our caring team of licensed dentists and dental health professionals is always available to answer any questions you have about how our dental services can benefit you. Just let us know how we can help!