Kaitlin Elmore

I just have to brag on how much I love Dr. Roth! She is so compassionate and caring as well as skilled at her trade. Today I also had a wonderful experience with Robyn who cleaned my teeth and took X-rays as well as Mandy who took the impressions for my night guard. I’ve been in a lot of pain due to grinding my teeth as I am under a lot of stress and my bruxism has worsened causing a lot of facial and jaw pain. Both Robyn and Mandy were so accommodating and aware of how they could make me most comfortable. Mandy was especially helpful when she realized from my body language that I was anxious about the impressions and though she didn’t know that I was experiencing some PTSD, she was so calming and helped me to move through it in the quickest and most efficient way, including helping me to breathe through the uncomfortably. These 3 professionals were amazing to work with today and have wonderful caring hearts and attitudes during this trying time of pandemic. I highly recommend Alpine Dental and Dr. Roth!

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