Digital Dental X-Rays at Alpine Dental Health

Dr. Todd Rosenzweig

Digital technology. It’s a phrase we hear all the time. A broad term for a complex idea, it simply means using computers to solve problems and transmit information. It’s changing how we stay in touch with friends and family, how we enjoy music, movies and television, and even how we travel and find rides. And, yes, it’s even changing digital dental X-rays.

We at Alpine Dental Health are excited to be on the leading edge of that change! This includes not only 2D and panoramic imaging but also our newest 3D dental imaging—so-called CBCT scans (short for cone beam computed topography).

A quick, safe and comfortable 360-degree scan with our cutting-edge CBCT machine provides an unprecedented look inside your mouth, resulting in advanced diagnosis and treatment, including for dental implants and root canals. In our office, we use the Promax 3D Cone-Beam Computed Tomography from Planmeca.

All four of our Alpine Dental Health Front-Range Colorado offices offer digital imaging that replaces traditional X-rays. This technology, including our 3D imaging (available in Fort Collins), helps us improve our patients’ experience. And that’s what matters!

  • Low-Dose Imaging: CBCT 3D dental scans are made using tightly focused, tiny beams of radiation directed at a single point in your mouth. Both these and our 2D scans involve only a small amount of radiation, significantly less than the wide scatter of conventional X-rays. Plus, you won’t need to gag on plastic molds when you receive a CBCT or digital scan.
  • Instantaneous Images: As with digital photography, with digital dental X-rays, images are immediately available for us to view with you.
  • More Accurate Imaging: Digital dental X-rays are a lot more accurate than the old-fashioned kind. That means we’re able to get a better look at teeth, bone structures and soft tissue.
  • Three-Dimensional (3D) Images: The CBCT machine actually takes several images at once, which our computers stitch together to create a three-dimensional picture of your mouth. While it’s cool to rotate your teeth and see them from multiple angles, the 3D capability allows our dentists to plan procedures with more accuracy and confidence than ever before.
  • Integration with Other Technology: Our dental technology doesn’t stop with 3D imaging, and we’re thrilled at how all of it works together to help our patients. For example, in our Fort Collins office, our CBCT 3D machine integrates perfectly with our scanner that takes digital impressions of teeth. Our digital impression technology makes sticky, uncomfortable impressions a thing of the past! CBCTs piggyback on the digital impression technology and help us plan for implants, root canals and other complex procedures.

When it comes to your comfort and care, our friendly and dedicated team matter most. While high-tech gadgets can never replace this personal attention, the right dental technology plays an important role in helping us make your visits as pleasant, comfortable, and efficient as possible.

No matter what services you receive, you can relax knowing that modern technology like our CBCT 3D imaging is helping us provide the best possible experience for you at Alpine Dental Health.

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