Cosmetic Dentistry in Denver

Clothing trends and hairstyles can change, but the one thing that never goes out of style is a bright, confident smile. A beautiful smile can help you put your best foot forward as you meet new people and tackle new challenges. Unfortunately, many people are lacking confidence because of dental issues and insecurities. Not to mention that in many cases these issues are more than cosmetic—they can also lead to serious health issues.

Cosmetic dentistry covers a large range of treatments. For issues large and small, a cosmetic dentist can give you the help you need to get the beautiful smile of your dreams. At Alpine Dental Health, we’ve been helping people across Denver get great smiles for years; we offer a wide variety of services to address all of your dental issues.

Sometimes all you need is a refreshing whitening treatment. Your teeth are put through the ringer every day and often get stained or discolored just from normal wear and tear. Our whitening treatments are completely safe and professional and can get your teeth back to their sparkling brightness in no time. We’ll tailor the treatment to fit your schedule by creating either an at-home or in-office whitening plan. Teeth whitening doesn’t take much effort, but it can have a huge effect on your smile and confidence.

Another common dental issue is cracked, chipped, or missing teeth. There are a number of treatment options, but one we find the easiest and most effective is dental veneers. These thin porcelain pieces are bonded to the front of your damaged teeth to strengthen them and give you a full, beautiful smile that is strong and natural. No one will know the veneers aren’t your real teeth!

Even as adults, many people have crooked teeth or dental issues but don’t want the hassle or embarrassment of wearing metal braces. Invisalign is a thin, clear system that straightens your teeth over time, but it is completely unnoticeable. The result is a treatment that is much less painful than the traditional route and that can give you a stunning, straight smile without anyone knowing you’re wearing braces.

Many people have mouths full of metal filling caps, but modern advancements have made those fillings a thing of the past. Instead, we now offer tooth-colored composite fillings that are stronger and healthier, and also blend in with your natural teeth to create a flawless smile. Metal fillings eventually fall out, so we recommend getting them replaced with the vastly superior composite options.

Cosmetic dentistry comes in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t take much time to get back your sparkling smile. Call us today to see how we can turn your life around with simple dental treatments!

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