Setting Dental Health Goals for 2016

The end of the year isn’t just for celebrating the events of the previous 12 months. It’s also a wonderful time to look to the future.

People like to make New Year’s “Resolutions”, which is just a fancy way of saying goals. Many successful people swear by setting clear goals as a means to achieve what they want in life. If you want a healthy mouth and better-looking teeth, then setting dental health goals for 2016 is a great start. So what are the most helpful goals you can set for yourself in 2016?

Brushing at Least Twice a Day

This is a no-brainer, right? But it sets the foundation for a healthy mouth. If you’re not brushing at least twice a day, you’re putting yourself at risk for gum disease, bacteria build-up which can cause a heart attack or stroke, and, of course, bad breath.

Why do that to yourself? Brushing your teeth is quick, feels great, and prevents so many nasty situations in the future. So what is a good way to remember to brush your teeth in the morning and at night? Come up with morning and night routines.

You can develop a short routine that you do every morning (shower, wash your face, make coffee, etc.) in the same order every day. Make sure you include brushing in the routine, and you can make it a habit that sticks. Develop a different routine for right before bed.


Flossing is an act that everyone says they do, but actually, only about half of Americans floss every day. It’s pretty easy, so why don’t you do it? It’s a combination of thinking you don’t need it, and just plain old forgetting.

Flossing isn’t as ingrained in daily routines as brushing, so you can more easily forget about it. Also, you may not feel the need to floss unless you can feel something in between your teeth. While flossing can help with rogue food particles lodged between teeth, it’s really great at removing bacteria that can turn into plaque.

One way to add this to your routine is to do it immediately before or after brushing. If the two acts are linked in your mind, you’ll be able to follow through with flossing every time you brush.

Getting Two Cleanings Per Year

Your twice-yearly cleanings at the dentist may not seem vital at first glance, but they can be so valuable in preventing long-term problems.

Having your dentist provide a thorough cleaning and checkup twice a year helps them catch issues that could get worse if left untreated. Cavities, gum disease, and bite problems such as TMJ are three of the main culprits. Your dentist can give you the information you need to solve these issues before you even realize they exist.

Setting overall health goals for the upcoming year is important for thriving in 2016. Just don’t forget about your mouth!

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